Marlize Duncan

Studying Journalism and minoring in Law and Social Justice at the University of Southern California. My creative work centers on BIPOC identities and how those intersect with entertainment and social justice. 

“Abbott Elementary” Is Funny To Teachers, Too

The moment Miss. Redacted, 24, a former early Head Start and high school teacher, knew that Abbott Elementary, a mockumentary-style comedy following a group of passionate teachers and a self-absorbed principal at an underfunded Black and brown majority school in North Philadelphia, was something special was when she watched the episode "Desking." In the episode, students start a dangerous TikTok trend where they jump from desk to desk. Determined to put a stop to these antics, the faculty, wh

Primetime just got Brighter

USC sophomore turned primetime television actress Alana Bright made her breakout performance in Fox’s “Our Kind of People.” The drama series premiered Tuesday and follows single mother Angela Vaughn on her journey to reclaim her family’s name amongst America’s Black elite. Bright plays the role of 17-year-old Nikki Vaughn, daughter of Angela, a spoken word poet with a deep passion for the arts. Nikki finds herself adjusting to and navigating her new life in the elite society of Oak Bluffs, Mass

The Minority Support: Light skin, dark skin, but what’s really fair?

While Hollywood can be filled with drama, the only media-worthy shade in this piece is the shade of actors’ and actresses’ skin. Colorism. In the entertainment industry it appears that lighter skin takes precedence over all other factors, and when darker skinned actors are given opportunities, they’re superficial stereotypes. Colorism isn’t something that came out of the blue, either. Hollywood began as a white-only industry, and when folks from marginalized communities were integrated and cast

New USC organization aims to end “period poverty”

“That time of the month.” “Aunt Flo.” In the 1995 film “Clueless” it’s called “the crimson wave.” Often treated as a taboo subject, a new student organization on campus is fighting to end the stigma around menstruation. PERIOD USC, a chapter of the national organization PERIOD, was founded this semester by students who’ve experienced that stigma and want to make change on campus. “The fact that I was scared to talk about my period until I was in 10th grade is pretty weird considering that male

The Girl with The Purple Hair Show! Ep. 2

Marlize Duncan shared a post on Instagram: "We’re back at it again with the SECOND episode of The Girl with The Purple Hair Show! In this ep. I talk about everything from @IssaRae joining the Spider-verse to must-watch shows like @InvincibleTV and @DisneyCruella! I also had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing @TheDeniseStephanie and uncovering Scooby-Doo! All that in <20 min?? Yup. So enjoy :)". Follow their account to see 46 posts.

📸In the AM with PM📸

Marlize hosted and produced “In the AM with PM” for Annenberg Media’s Black. desk -- a show that explored Blackness in pop culture with news, games, guests, and fashion! Check out our latest episode below and more episodes here.

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